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Vietnam Visa On Arrival


1.  General information

- Most of foreigners need visa to enter Vietnam, so you should apply for Vietnam visa online as soon as you can to advoid the urgent processing fee. Travellers can arrive and exit Vietnam on any date within this visa duration. So, if you are not quite sure about your date of arrival, just choose some day earlier than your planned arrival date.

- To help visitors to Vietnam save their time and money on getting a Vietnam visa, Vietnam Goverment and Vietnam Immigration Department put Vietnam Visa on Arrival or  visa on arrival Vietnam online into use for years.  

- The name of this visa type itself answers the question “Where to get Vietnam visa?”, since “Vietnam Visa on arrival” means “The Vietnam visa picked up upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam”.


Please be noted that certain Vietnam visa requirements need to be done before your Vietnam visa on arrival is stamped:

-          Origianal passport with at least 6 month validity.

-          Two passport-sized photos(2 x 3 inch, taken less than 6 months ago)

-          Stamping fee in USD or VND (this fee will be paid to the immigration officer, cash only)


In comparison to Vietnam Embassy visa, which requires applicants to travel back and forth to local Vietnam Embassy, the procedures to get Visa on arrival Vietnam are much easier, money savings and less time-consuming. 


2.  Legitimacy issue

Foreigners sometimes cast doubt on the legitimacy of Visa on arrival Vietnam. Is it legal? Is it guaranteed?

Yes and yes.

Vietnam visa upon arrival  is legitimate and posted in Vietnam immigration laws at the official website of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs - so it is endorsed by the Vietnamese Government. Futhermore, having been recognized by the International Air Traffic Associations, Visa Vietnam on arrival  is no strange thing in tourism industry. Furthermore, it is stated under Vietnam Immigration laws of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For your reference, you may read more information about Visa on arrival for Vietnam in a National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 on the 28 April, 2000.The articles explains for a potential Vietnam visa applicant know why a travel agency can assist you to get Vietnam visa approval letter by applying for Visa on arrival Vietnam.

Thus, oversea travelers can stop worrying over legitimacy issues of  Visa on arrival to Vietnam.


3.  Advantages of Vietnam Visa on arrival at govietnamvisa.com

Getting Vietnam visa on arrival at govietnamvisa.com offers several advantages to foreign applicants. The perks of this visa to Vietnam surprisingly can satisfy even the prickliest customers.

-          As the Vietnam visa procedures are carried out online, it is trouble-free and convenient for everyone. No traveling or passport send-off needed.

-          Vietnam visa processing time takes as little as 1 hour up to 48 hours depending on the level of urgency, thus it is far faster than embassy visa.

-          Vietnam visa fees are much cheaper. It costs only USD 18 for 1 month stay

-          It’s easier and faster to correct if any mistake. You just need to connect with the Internet to send us an email, make a phone call or raise your questions directly in our website, we are 24/7 available to help you to change the information even your arrival time in next hours.


4.  Vietnam visa on arrival processing time

For those clients who need Vietnam visa on arrival, whether you are from America, the UK, Australia, or closer to Vietnam like China or Brunei, etc., you are offered the NORMAL or UGENT VIETNAM VISA SERVICE, in which the processing of your Vietnam visa approval letter  will be completed within only : 


- 2 working days for NORMAL service or

- 1 working day for URGENT service or

- 4 working hours or 1 working hour for SUPER URGENT service or

- even NON-WORKING TIME SERVICE (after 4pm Vietnam time, at weekend or on Vietnam holiday, except night time)


5. Vietnam visa on arrival fees

Generally, only two kinds of fees are demanded to obtain Visa on arrival for Vietnam. They are:

- Approval fee or service fee: Paid to the Vietnam visa agent who conducts all the paperwork and arrange for your Vietnam visa approval letter. Our service is pround of not only offering the best secured payment (by your credit card or Paypal)  but also the the reliable and fastest service (in 1 hour).

Kindly note that the more applicants you apply, the cheaper fee you are offered as following table fee:

Currency: USD

Approval fee
Normal Processing (2 working days) Urgent working time processing Non working time processing
1-2 pax 3-5 pax 6-9 pax 10 pax upward 1 working day 4 hours 2 hours 1 hours Guarantee 15'
1 month single 18 16 14 10 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 220
3 months single 30 25 20 15 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 220
1 month multiple 25 20 18 15 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 220
3 months multiple 40 35 30 25 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 220

- Stamping fee: Paid to the immigration officers at arrival airport. The current fees are:

 45 USD/1 month or 3 month single entry,

 65 USD/1 month multiple entry and

 95 USD/3 month multiple entryvisa.

Please be noted that this fee can be paid in cash only, credit cards will not be accepted.


6. Procedures for getting Vietnam visa on arrival online and upon entry at airport:



Before getting on board:

Good news is that the application for  Vietnam Visa on arrival is done 100% online. What you need is a computer/ laptop or just a mobile phone connected to the Internet. Then you:

 - Step 1:  Fill in Vietnam visa application form online at www.govietnamvisa.com/step-1

 - Step 2: Make online payment for the approval fee

 - Step 3: Check email to get Vietnam visa approval letter after 2 days (normal service) or 1 day, 4 hour or 1 hour (urgent or super urgent services) or even on non-working time and print it out

Upon entry in Vietnam airport:

Step 4: Get your Vietnam visa stamped in Vietnam arrival airport by:

  • Submitting original Passport + 2 passport-sized Photos + printed Vietnam visa approval letter + and Pay the stamping fee ($45 for Vietnam single entry visa, $65 for 1 month multiple entry and $95 for 3 month multiple entry visa) directly to the Vietnam Immigration Officers.
  • Get their Vietnam visa stamped into passport by the Immigration Officers at the Immigration Desk
  • That is it! Welcome to Vietnam and have a good time!

With Vietnam visa on arrival, it's obvious that getting Vietnam visa is no longer hard at all! Hence, welcome to Vietnam and try getting Vietnam visa on arrival to see the difference!

Please be kindly noted that Govietnamvisa.com is not a website of the Government or affiliated Government. Should you need any further information about Vietnam visa or Vietnam vacations, feel free to contact us at+84.936.600.886 or +84.983.791.009 (available 24/7). Or email us at support@govietnamvisa.com, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (Vietnam time GMT+7).

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