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Question: 15 days free visa to Vietnam for UK – Can I use twice

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 - 11:35 AM


We are in Vietnam from March 14 2019 and stayed there for 15 days under free visa (We are both British passport holders). Now we want to fly back to Vietnam (in October 2019). We will be staying in Vietnam for 10 days only this time. We are just wondering if it’s ok for us to enter Vietnam under another 15 days free visa, or we need to apply for a tourist visa for this time travel to Vietnam as we’ve used it once already. Thank you.  Jenifer.

Asked by Jenifer

We would like to inform that you can enter Vietnam under another 15 days visa exemption for Vietnam for this trip. There is no limitation on the number of entries with free visa for UK citizens, and you are completely eligible for the third free visa travel to Vietnam  as long as the time gap between your two visits is at least 30 days