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People's demand to go abroad for work and travel purposes is increasing, especially after the epidemic has been controlled. Looking for things to know when going abroad to have complete information, prepare the most for the trip is very necessary for you to know. Follow the sharing below to get a comprehensive guide.
1. Find out where you plan to go
Which country are you planning to travel to or work or work in? The first important thing is to find out where you plan to go, information such as customs, beautiful scenery, taboos, etc. to prepare the best.

2. Plan your trip
A complete plan will help you have a smooth trip. What is the schedule, what time, place of the day, what means of transportation… This information is carefully researched in advance, and you make a plan when you arrive in a foreign land. will not be surprised, or just start looking for information takes a long time.

3. Passport check
A passport is a document that identifies your identity that is valid globally. When leaving your home country, your passport is an inseparable thing you need to pay attention to. Make sure your passport is valid and recognized in the country you are visiting.

4. Visa check
Some countries you go to require an interview to get a visa. When planning to travel, work in any country you need to find out the visa requirements and apply for a visa at the embassy of that country. Passport required with at least 6 months validity.

5. Air ticket booking
The next answer to the question of what to prepare for traveling abroad is exactly the plane ticket. Once you have a clear schedule, you should proceed to book air tickets to avoid running out of seats, running out of suitable flight times or too high ticket prices.

6. Buy travel insurance
Travel insurance is a procedure that very few people pay attention to when making foreign trips. Insurance helps you a lot, supports a lot during the trip. In case something unexpected happens from travel insurance, you will have the right source of protection support.

7. Contact the bank to inform the trip
Contacting the bank informing the trip for financial support, multi-national payment. Preparing an additional visa card with international payment value is essential.

8. Register information with the embassy
One of the things to know when traveling abroad is that you need to register with the embassy. You need reports so that levels have statistical data, protecting you during the move.

9. Vaccination
After the time of the Covid-19 pandemic raging, it is essential to vaccinate at least 2 doses of the vaccine.

10. Prepare wifi, battery charger and charging devices
When traveling to other countries, travelers will need to prepare devices to maintain an internet connection. With the internet available you will easily find the necessary tourist information. Charge batteries, chargers, backup batteries to ensure that your phone and computer are always ready to use, meeting the needs of playing and working in other countries.

11. Cash exchange
Don't forget to exchange cash used in the country you're moving to. Most countries accept only the country's own currency, so it's essential to change the currency.

12. Book tickets to visit famous landmarks.
Which destinations would you like to visit? The destination has tickets to visit, you should find out and book tickets in advance. This saves you a part, the travel schedule is arranged to avoid unnecessary situations.

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