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Travelling is more enjoyable when you’re insured against the unexpected – be it lost passports or flight delays. In order to give you extensive travel coverage in the event of emergencies or inconveniences, Govietnamvisa.com has developed the “Govietnamvisa Travel Insurance”. We are pleased to offer a Travel Plan with a wide range of benefits at affordable premiums. 

 1  What it covers

Territory: Govietnamvisa.com shall be responsible for risks occurring within the territory of Vietnam during the trip of the Insured.

Scope of insurance includes:
  • Medical expenses including in-patient and out-patient treatment due to illness, accident.
  • Medical emergency evacuation,
  • Medical emergency repatriation.
  • Body repatriation
  • Burial expenses in Vietnam.
 2  The Eligible Insured
The Foreigners who come to Vietnam for sightseeing, visiting friends and relative, attending international conference, seminar, congress, participating in sport and game competitions, artistic performances, going on a mission.

In the all cases, GOVIETNAMVISA will not accept and be liable for the Persons whose ages are over 75.

 3  The Sum Insured and premium
  • The Sum insured and premium will be calculated in Vietnam ( VND) or US$/EUR
  • Premium, payment, indemnity will be settled on the basis of accordingly currency.
 4   Insured’s obligations
  • When the covered risk occurs, the Insured or his representative is required to give notice thereof to  Govietnamvisa.com or his hotel or the travel agency within 24 hours.
  • To implement all the instructions of GoVietnamvisa.com, his hotel or the travel agency.
  • Claims for insurance benefits must be submitted to GoVietnamvisa.com no later than one month after completion of the treatment or transportation home, or, in the event of death, after transportation of mortal remains/burial.
  • If requested to do so by GoVietnamvisa.com, the insured person is obliged to undergo a medical examination by a physician designated by GoVietnamvisa.com.
  • If the Insured Person or the legal heir is not honest while practicing the regulations of the Insurance contract, GoVietnamvisa.com can refuse a part or total limit of liability insurance.
 5   Benefits
GoVietnamvisa.com will reimburse the costs incurred for medically necessary treatment arising from illness, disease, accident subordinated the scope of cover but not exceed the limit of the plan in the medical benefits, include:
  1. out-patient treatment: including consultation charges, cost of prescribed medicines, charges made for laboratory tests or X-rays that are used in the diagnosis of a covered disability.
  2. medical aids that are necessary as part of treatment for broken limbs or injuries (e.g. plaster casts, bandages) and walking aids prescribed by a physician
  3. radiotherapy, heat therapy or photo-therapy and other such treatment prescribed by a physician
  4. dental treatment, but only to relieve acute toothache
  5. in-patient treatment insofar as this takes place in an institution that is generally recognized as a hospital in the foreign country concerned, is under the constant direction of a physician, has sufficient diagnostic and therapeutic facilities at its disposal and restricts the treatment it provides to methods scientifically recognized and clinically tested in that country. The local hospital at the place the insured person is staying or the nearest suitable hospital shall be used.
  6. Operations (including operation-related costs)
For the benefits as stated under 1)- 4) above a deductible of 0.1 %per claim i.e. insured event shall be borne by the insured.
Arrangement and payment of Emergency Medical Evacuation in Viet Nam
The emergency assistance company appointed by GoVietnamvisa.com will arrange and GoVietnamvisa.com will pay for the medically necessary expenses, medical care during transportation, communications and all usual ancillary charged incurred in moving the  Insured when in a "serious medical condition" arising form accident, illness in the trip to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical care.  The costs not exceed the limit states in the plan.

Repatriation and Emergency Medical Evacuation outside Vietnam
In case of life-threatening situation of the Insured due to an accident or illness during a trip, assistance company appointed by GoVietnamvisa.com, depending on a certain circumstance, shall pay and arrange for the return of the Insured Person to his home country or a subsequent hospital treatment in a third party country if every Vietnamese hospital where are not available appropriate medical care. The maximum costs not exceed the limit in the plan.
Body repatriation or Burial Expense
In the event of the death of an Insured, assistance company appointed by GoVietnamvisa.com will arrange for transporting the Insured Person’s mortal remains from the place of death in the residence or arrange for burial costs at the place of death in Viet Nam. The maximum costs not exceed the limit in the plan/

 6  Fees & Benefits
The fee is $50/pax and the insurance compensation can go up to $30,000.