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It is the latest information by Director General, National Department of Tourism, Nguyen Van Tuan to domestic and international delegates at the Mekong tourism conference on June 18, 2015 in Da Nang.

General Director Nguyen Van Tuan announced the resolution of Vietnam Government on the unilateral visa exemption for travelers from 5 nationalities: Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain who stay in Vietnam less than 15 days with return etickets.

Note: If they want to stay more than 15 days, they do need Vietnam visa. Even they stay in Vietnam less than 15 days, but they don't have return tickets, they do need visa to enter Vietnam.

Accordingly, yesterday June 17, Prime Minister of Socialist Republic of Vietnam signed the Resolution from 1st July, the new regulation of unilateral visa exemption will be applied for travelers from 5 nationalities: Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain.

According to Mr. Tran Chi Cuong, visa exemption decision will attract further tourists from five countries: Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain as well as from Europe to Vietnam. This measure helps tourism activities of the Vietnam tourism entrepreneurs more favorable.

As Mr. Tran Chi Cuong, reality from Danang shows that the previous visa exemption market such as Korea, Japan has brought the strong growth in tourist volume, created a favorable condition in order that airlines can open more flight routes to Da Nang International airport.

Earlier, the government has also issued Resolution visa exemption for citizens of Belarus from 1st July to end on June 30, 2020 for a period of stay not exceeding 15 days, applies to all types of passports and destination entries. Thus, Vietnam is now a unilateral visa exemption for 13 countries (Japan, Korea, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Belarus) and bilateral visa for 9 ASEAN countries.

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