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Benefits of Vietnam Visa Online - Business Visa (Vietnam Visa on Arrival):

To help visitors to Vietnam for business trips save their time and money on getting a Vietnam visa, the Vietnam Immigration Department put Vietnam VISA online or Vietnam Visa on Arrival into use with modern electronic system in special advantages:

+ Time for processing: Online application for visa: 3-5 working days or even 1-4 working hours, Embassy application: 15-20 days
+ Requirement: Online application for Visa online: 100% online, Embassy application: original passport required.
+ Time savings, no travelling for Visa, get visa stamped quickly and easily at the arrival airports in Vietnam.

To get your Vietnam business visa now, you only need to follow all the simple and easy steps below:

Benefits when using to get the business visa:

Govietnamvisa is ready here to satisfy more than 100,000 (Australian, US...) clients from all over the all and make sure that you will be the next one. Our service is highly appreciated about the quality, secure and convenience.

- Furthermore, with us -, you will get more benefits than other websites like:
  1. + 24/7 online application
  2. + No time limit.
  3. + Application revision and correction by visa experts before submission to the Vietnam Department of Immigration.
  4. + Simplified application process.
  5. + Privacy protection and safe form.
  6. + Support and Assistance 24/7 by E-mail and Hotline
  7. + Email Recovery of your eVisa in case of loss. has full Vietnam visa information for you.  Don't hesitate to contact us by 24/7 hotline +84.903.278.853 or directly chat or email us at to work with our well-educated and nice supporters. Surely will you find satisfied with us as NO WHERE BETTER THAN!

For More Information Details:

1. Vietnam business visa type

There are following options for business purposes:

  • 1-month multiple/single entry.
  • 3-month multiple/single entry.
  • 6 month multiple entry.
  • 1 year multiples.

2. Vietnam business visa requirements

Following is required information to obtain Vietnam Business Visa:

  • Your name exactly as per passport: it is your full name appears on your passport, name order is not important, so you can place either surname first or first name first.
  • Your date of birth: in Vietnam, the date format will be DD/MM/YYYY
  • Your nationality or passport: the passport you are using to enter Vietnam (should be valid for 6 months at least from the date of arrival).
  • Your passport number: as shown on your passport and should be valid for 6 months at least from the date of arrival.
  • Date of arrival: applicants must fill exactly Date of Arrival. You can just enter Vietnam later but not earlier than the approved date.

3. Vietnam business visa process time

For those clients who need visa to Vietnam, whether you are from America, the UK, Australia, or close to Vietnam like Thailand or Singapore, etc.,Since you are offered NORMAL or even URGENT VIETNAM VISA SERVICE we make sure that your Vietnam visa approval letter will be completed on time or even earlier than expected schedule. It’s our outstanding services to help clients find the suitable ones:

- 2 working days for NORMAL service or
- 1 working day for URGENT service or
- 4 working hours for URGENT service or
- 1 working hour for URGENT Service or
- Gurantee 15 minutes for SUPER URGENT service.

4. Vietnam business visa fees

Generally, only two kinds of fees are demanded to obtain Visa on arrival for Vietnam. They are:

- Approval fee or service fee: Paid to the Vietnam visa agent who conducts all the paperwork and arrange for your Vietnam visa approval letter. Our service is proud of not only offering the best secured payment (by your credit card or Paypal) but also the the reliable and fastest service (in 1 hour).

Kindly note that the more applicants you apply, the cheaper fee you are offered as following table fee:

Currency: USD


Approval fee: 

TYPE OF VISA APPROVAL FEE FEE(USSD/pax) Urgent 3 working days (available from Monday to Friday) Super Urgent 1 working day (available from Monday to Friday) Super Urgent 4 working hours (available from Monday to Friday) Super urgent 2 working hours (available from Monday to Friday) Super urgent 1 working hour (available from Monday to Friday) Non-working time (during the holiday, at the weekend) Guarantee service 15 minutes
Normal: 5 working days
1 - 2 3 - 5 6 - 9 10 - 1000
1 month single entry 100 95 90 80 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220
3 months single (valids in 85 - 90 days) 120 115 110 100 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220
1 month multiple 110 105 100 90 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220
3 months multiple (valids in 85 days) 130 125 120 110 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220
6 months multiples (valids in 170 days) 310 300 280 260 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220
1 year multiples 530 520 510 500 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220
2 years multiples 1000 980 960 940 plus 10 plus 30 plus 50 plus 110 plus 150 plus 180 plus 220

Stamping fee: Paid to the immigration officers at arrival airport. The current fees are:

25 USD/1 month or 3 month single entry,
50 USD/1 month multiple entry and 3 month multiple entry visa.
95 USD/6 month multiple
135 USD/ 1 year multiple

Please be noted that this fee must be paid in cash - USD or VND, credit cards will not be accepted.


If you need any further information about Vietnam visa or Vietnam vacations, feel free to contact us at hotlines +84.903.278.853 (available 24/7). Or email us at, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (GMT+7)


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