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How to make payment by Credit Card

Paying onine by credit cards becomes simple in the digital world nowadays. Especially, it’s even more simple and safe than ever when you want to use a credit card to apply visa online, . Because credit cards provide a convenient, secure payment option and the process for making visa online.

1.How to pay with a credit card ?

When you finish your application form, you will move on the make payment step.

Step 1. Choose “credit card” as your payment method.

You will be prompted to choose how you want to pay. So please choose one of the ways to pay by below option:

-          Visa/Master/American Express/JCB Card

-           Paypal/ Visa/ Master/ American Express/ JCB Card

-           Western Union

-           Paypal – OP

  1. Then you need to tick the box “I have read and agreed to the Terms of Services”  and press the button “pay now”

Step 2: Provide your credit card details.

Enter the 16-digit card number, the expiration, CSC:
  • Card Number :                  
The 16 or 19 digits on the front side of the card.
      Example: 1234 5678 9101 1234
  • Expiration Date:
The expiration month (MM) and year (YY) on the front side of the card (VALID/GOOD THRU).
Example: 05/25

  • CSC
CSC (Card Security Code) is the three-digit security code will be printed on the back of the card after the credit card number for Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

However, CSC AMEX for American Express is the four-digit security code which is printed on the front-right of the card, directly above the credit card number.