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New visa policy - a lever to help Vietnam tourism develop

More time to experience for visitors
From August 15, the new visa policy allows visitors from some countries to get visa exemption from 15 days to 45 days and extend the e-visa from 30 days to 90 days with multiple entry. This is the good news of the tourism industry in promoting the attraction of international tourists in the near future.
Ho Thanh Tu, General Secretary of Da Nang Tourism Association, said that since the tourism market reopened, the city has implemented many tourism promotion activities, attracting a large number of international visitors in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.
However, with the visa extension up to 90 days, we have many opportunities to attract guests to stay, increase spending ability, because the visa extension will facilitate visitors to have more time to experience more than local services.
According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, General Director of Furama Resort Da Nang, By extending the entry visa to 90 days, we will have a market share of new guests, market share of resort and accommodation guests; we also have close visitors, tourists across Vietnam... and thanks to that, the number of guests staying in Vietnam has been increased day andnight.
"Along with the extension of entry visas for international tourists, we also expect to build and develop a number of longer-term tourism products, such as combining with medical centers, beauty, health care, resort packages to meet the requirements of long-term guests, "said Nguyen Duc Quynh.
Mr. Quynh added that recently, some localities in the Central region have welcomed the first charter flight from China and will soon have more direct flights from India. This is a positive signal for the central tourism industry as well as the whole country.
Consideration should be given to expanding the number of countries and territories eligible for a visa period
Mr. Steven Wolstenholme, President and General Director of Hoianna Resort & golf, affirmed that this is a great policy for businesses in the tourism industry. The extension of the e-visa duration to 90 days will give international tourists more time and opportunities to visit and experience more services in Vietnam.
Mr. Steven Wolstenholme suggested that Vietnam should consider expanding the number of countries and territories that can enjoy this visa period, which will create more favorable conditions for more international tourists to come to Vietnam. An open and long-term visa policy will improve competitiveness, make Vietnam more attractive in the eyes of international tourists, and be a lever to help tourism develop.
According to the Chairman of the Tourism Association of  Da Nang Cao Tri Dung, The Government applies a new visa policy that will contribute to improving the country's destination competitiveness for some countries in the region; creating better conditions for businesses in exploiting guests as well as creating favorable conditions for international visitors to Vietnam in general, and Da Nang in particular, especially markets with long-term stays, Western Europe , North America, Australia…
Mr. Cao Tri Dung also added that with the new visa policy, visitors to Vietnam are very convenient and can apply for an electronic visa in a short time. This helps to attract a diverse market of visitors of all nationalities to Vietnam. This is a huge step forward, in line with the current trend of changing customer structure, which is that of retail customers, which is increasing dramatically.
According to the trend of digital commerce, guests traveling alone, guests traveling with families will account for the majority. Guests will actively apply for visas through online platforms, not to mention that the e-visa will be upgraded to 90 days, which is very meaningful for customers who want to winter, work, invest... without having to spend time traveling as much as before. "It can be considered that this is the biggest removal in the entry visa policy, a huge step forward for the tourism industry in general," said Chairman of the Tourism Association of Da Nang confirmed.