Time at Vietnam (UTC+07:00) 03:01:50 PM, Sunday, 26 May 2024
Vietnam exemption visa for EU tourists to compete with Thailand

The limitation of Vietnam tourisim recently is the complicated procedures for applying for a Vietnam visa make European tourists choose to go to Thailand or Singapore - places with visa exemption.

The European Business Association has just proposed that Vietnam exempt visas for visitors from all 27 member countries of the European Union (EU), because this group has high spending power and long stay. This proposal received great consensus from the European group, with the call co-signed by 18 ambassadors of European Union member countries in Vietnam, and European business associations in Vietnam.

Supporting the proposal to waive tourist visas for all EU visitors, Mr Vu Quang Chuyen commented: "I have talked with quite a few foreign tourists and found that visas are a major barrier to the cost of traveling to Vietnam is expensive, when in fact it does not bring any benefits to us. We should not be too cautious, and need to be open and find appropriate management. We should learn from successful examples like Thailand, Dubai, Maldives... and adjust to suit the situation in Vietnam."

Sharing the same opinion, Mr Thieu Hai cited evidence from his own story: "My son, my wife and my 2-year-old grandson do not have Vietnamese citizenship, but have EU citizenship. They really like to return to Vietnam to work, visit family, and explore the country at least 1-2 months every year. But due to the difficulty of applying for a visa, they are very hesitant. If the visa policy is good expanded, exempting EU countries, then my children and grandchildren will definitely not have to travel to somewhere - where they no longer need to apply for a visa, but will choose to return to Vietnam."

Referring to the lessons learned from Thailand, reader Dong Van said: "The simple thing is to follow Thailand, whichever country they waive tourist visas for, we need to do the same. At least equal to Thailand." Only then can we hope to attract tourists to our country. 

Such as Australia citizens, wanting to get a tourist visa to Vietnam is not an easy thing. The embassy's phone number is very difficult to reach. So if you were in their situations, would you continue to handle visa to go to Vietnam or buy a ticket to Thailand or Singapore with a visa-free policy?

On another hand, reader NK Tri believes that it is necessary to be cautious when deciding on visa exemption for the entire EU: "EU society is inherently complex and has many problems with immigration. In my opinion, it should not be Visa exemption for all countries in the European Union, because bad guys will easily take advantage of it to hide. Instead, we just need to simplify the current procedures. The number of 500 million people in the EU is It sounds big, creating great opportunities for tourism development for us, but it also entails many unpredictable consequences."

Expanding Vietnam visa exemption is still be a big concern, creating a trong impact on Vietnam tourisim's industry.
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