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Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam embassy visa: Which one should you choose?

“Tomorrow, I wish to enter Vietnam for my business, however I don’t have enough time to travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy that located around 10 km far from my house. I am going to miss my meeting tomorrow? What I should do now?”

This problem may have caused many people much headache and frustrated.. Fortunately, since 2007 Visa on arrival is approved by the Immigration Department of Vietnam which is the best solution to take away your biggest hassle of getting a visa for Vietnam.
So what is the difference between Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam embassy visa, let’s find out your answer by taking a look in this table below:
Visa type
Vietnam visa on arrival Vietnam visa at Embassy
Issued by Vietnam Immigration Department – 100% legal
Suitable for Air travellers All kinds of transportation
Available for
All time, 24/7
  • even mid night or early morning
  • even at weekend, public holidays
  • On working days
  • On working time
Requirements Online application only
  • Original passport
  • Completed and signed
  • Application in person
  • Sponsor letter (for business visa)
How to submit application? Online In person
Interview in person No Yes
Visa fee Approval fee – fixed
pay online to Travel agent
Approval fee: no fixed
pay in cash to Embassy
Stamping fee – fixed
Pay in cash to Immigration at Vietnam airport
Stamping fee – fixed
pay to Embassy
Processing time
  • Normal: 2 days
  • Urgent: 1 day
  • Super urgent: 4 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour
  • Last minutes visa: just 15 minutes
  • Normal: 5+ days
  • Urgent: no processing in same day (many embassies)
  • Different in embassies
Check visa status
  • Online in website
  • Call/chat/email the instant online support
  • Make a phone call to Embassy
  • Go in person to Embassy
Get the visa result Via email
  • In person at Embassy
  • By post

  • Based on the customers’ feedback and our previous experience, getting visa at Embassy may take longer time, more procedures and even money (approval letter fee, processing fee, shipping, and handling fee, expedited services, etc. - varying from embassy to embassy).
  • If you go to Vietnam by AIR, Vietnam visa on arrival is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get a visa for Vietnam for US citizens with few simple steps below: