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Travel Insurance Service

1 What is Travel Insurance Service?

Travelling is more enjoyable when you’re insured against the unexpected. In order to give you extensive travel coverage in the event of emergencies or inconveniences, Govietnamvisa.com has developed the “Govietnamvisa Travel Insurance”. We are pleased to offer a Travel Plan with a wide range of benefits at affordable premiums.

2 Who needs this?

Travel insurance can protect you against the following things going wrong:
  • medical and other emergencies
  • personal injury and death
  • accidental damage or injury caused by you.
If you don't have travel insurance you will have to pay out of your own pocket to deal with a problem while you're away. Or you may lose money if you have to cancel a trip and can't get your money back.

3 How does this work?

Step 1: 

Before departing of the trip to Vietnam, the insured or representative of the insured must send the list of the travelers to Govietnamvisa.com. The list, which can be sent via email, includes clearly the full name, nationality, the birth of day, passport number, address of the traveler, stay period in Vietnam, traveling schedule, period of insurance.

Step 2: 

Once Govietnamvisa.com has received the list above, Govietnamvisa.com will issue a certificate of insurance to each insured person. The certificate of insurance will be a part of the policy, which is an evidence for the settlement of claim of Govietnamvisa.com when requested by the Insured.

4 Travel Insurance Fee

With a compensation of up to 30,000 USD, our travel insurance service preferential fees are as follows:
Travel insurance service 1-2 pax 3-5 pax 6 pax upwards
Fee USD 50/pax USD 45/pax USD 40/pax

5 How can I apply for this service?

You can apply for Travel Insurance Service by selecting this option during online visa application or simply send us an email to visa@govietnamvisa.com
The insurance coverage begins at the time the Insured completes his or her entry visa procedure in Vietnam and or ends at the time the Insured completes his or her exit visa procedure of VietNam. For those who are residing in Vietnam, the insurance coverage begins the trip and ends the trip completed follow time and destination in the policy.

If you have any further queries, comments or feedback, please kindly call us by +84.903.278.853 or send an email to support@govietnamvisa.com. We are happy to assist you at our best.