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Besides the 1 year multiple entry visa, all other types of Vietnam visa will be available again for US citizens from December 15, 2016

Effective 15th December 2016, the Vietnamese Immigration Department implements re-issuing short stay visa to U.S citizen. In details, the citizens from U.S.A can apply for 1 month and 3 months for short stays, and 6 months or 1 year multiple for long stay. 

1. New visa policy for the US citizens

As you know, from 01 September, 2016, only 1 type of Vietnam Visa is available for US citizens, this is 1 year multiple entries Visa. With this policy, all US passport holders must obtain 1 year multiple entries visa, no matter how many days they want to stay in Vietnam. This policy encountered a lot of disadvantages from US travelers who wished to stay in Vietnam for a short term, even a few days but had to pay for a large amount of money for stamping fee for 1 year in cash at the airport in Vietnam (USD 135). 

Following the confirmation of Vietnam Immigration Department, from 15 December 2016, US citizens can apply all types of Vietnam Visa, including: 1 month with single or multiple entries visa, 3-6 months with single or multiple entries visa and 1 year multiple entries visa.

For getting Vietnam visa with the US citizens, you need to pay 2 kinds of fee:
TYPE OF VISA Approval fee Stamping fee
Normal 2 working-day service Urgent services
1 working day 4 working hours 2 working hours 1 working hour Non working time Guarantee 15 minute
1 month single entry 18 +10 +30 +50 +110 +180 +220 25
3 months single 30
1 month multiple 25 50
3 months multiple 65
6 months multiples 310 95
1 year multiples 530 135


It is the fee that the applicants must pay in cash at the landing visa office (landing visa counter) at the arrival airport or Vietnam Embassy.
Stamping fee
Vietnam visa on arrival Vietnam Embassy visa
1 month single 25 It may depends on each Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, and Vietnam embassy visa fee may cost around 80 – 150 USD
3 months single 25
1 month multiple 50
3 months multiple 50
6 months multiple 95
1 year multiple 135


 a) For the Tourist visa

For 6 months and 1 year multiple entries Tourist visa, you can stay maximum for 3 months per entry. After 3 months, you must exit and come back again with a new 3 months of staying, until the expiry date of your 1 year Visa.

This is not a problem for frequent travelers, but definitely an issue for those who want to stay longer than 3 months.

b) For the Business visa

There is the big difference between tourist and business purpose here. With 1 year BUSINESS visa, there is no restriction on length of stay for each entry. You can stay continuously in the country for 12 months if you like. You are not required to exit Vietnam after 90 days as tourist visa. So 1 year business multiple entry visa is absolutely recommended in case you don’t want to do visa run every 3 month. 

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