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Vietnam visa processing time – Quick and easy

Normally the processing time of Vietnam online E-Visa is 5 working days for tourist visa and business visa. However, if you need visa so urgently, Govietnamvisa also offer you a rush visa service that can deliver your E-Visa in a short period of time.



1. What is working time and non - working time?

No one can work 24 hours/day, and so does the Immigration of Vietnam. The Department of Vietnam Immigration work from 9A.M to 4P.M Vietnam time (GMT+7) from Monday to Friday, except for Vietnam public holidays and the timing is called WORKING TIME.

So, the timing from after 4P.M to before 9A.M the next day and in public holidays is NON-WORKING time. However, the Immigration always arrange one or some officers to working in these NON-WORKING hours in case of emergency, which could be considered as OVERTIME working, so the fee to get the visa request approved by them in the meantime is higher, just as the way OVERTIME workers are paid.

The visa fee depend on the chosen processing time and the purpose of applicants when apply visa on arrival.

2. How long does it take to process the visa request?

For those clients who need visa to Vietnam,you are offered NORMAL or even URGENT VIETNAM VISA SERVICE we make sure that your Vietnam E-Visa will be completed on time or even earlier than expected schedule. It’s our outstanding services to help clients find the suitable ones:
- 5-7 working days for NORMAL service
- 1-2-3 working day for URGENT service
- 2-4 working hour for SUPER URGENT service
- Less than 1 hour for LASMINUTES service (avaiable any time, at weekend or on Vietnam holiday)
Processing time Who should use this service? When it’s available? (Vietnam time)
NORMAL service:
- 5-7 working days
Clients have the flight that fit with this normal schedule. From Monday to Friday: 9-11 AM and 2- 4 PM
URGENT service :
- 1 working day
- 2 working days
- 3 working days
Clients have the flight are taken in 1 or 3 working days From Monday to Friday: 9-11 AM and 2- 4 PM
- 2 working hours
- 4 working hours
Need of a E-Visa to fly into Vietnam in some hours From Monday to Friday: 9-11 AM and 2- 4 PM
LAST MINUTES SERVICE: Less than 1 hour  
Need of an E-Visa to fly into Vietnam in less than 1 hour
- Avaiable all the time
- Saturday and Sunday
- Holiday

3. How to apply for Vietnam

To get Vietnam E-Visa urgently, applicants only need to follow the few simple steps below:

Step 1: Apply ONLINE with all correct information as it is in passport, make the payment and ring our hotline +84.903.278.853 immediately
Step 2: Check email to receive the E-Visa as per the time of delivery that matches your service
Step 3: Print out the E-Visa, use it for check-in at departure entry port and immigration clearance at Vietnam entry port.