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Vietnam visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirements for both foreigners & Vietnamese overseas

Why should check “Vietnam visa requirements” before making application?


All Vietnam visa applicants are advised to check the Vietnam visa requirements carefully before makingVietnam visa application, because the Government regulations on Vietnam visa might change some time. For example, at present, citizens from your country are required to have a Vietnam visato enter Vietnam, but for the next year, your country and Vietnam may sign a visa exemption agreement which allows you to enter Vietnam without visa Vietnam, and vice versa. Thus, the checking of Vietnam visa requirements is very important before your journey to Vietnam.

Misunderstandings about Vietnam visa requirements that may occur:

Some may misunderstand that Vietnam visa requirements are the required procedures or documents for visa Vietnam, but in fact they are not. Vietnam visa requirements means “which countries’ citizens are required to apply for a visa Vietnam to be permitted to enter Vietnam”.

Many Vietnamese overseas think that they do not need visa for Vietnam. This is true, but not totally. The fact is that those Vietnamese overseas who could prove or could show a proof that they are Vietnamese are exempted from visa to Vietnam, but those who could not prove this are still require to get a visa for Vietnam to stay in Vietnam within the validity time of the visa.

To get to know details about the Vietnam visa requirements, we will together go through all matters below;

How to check Vietnam visa requirements for the foreigners?

The foreigners who are not offered Vietnam visa exemption will check whether it is required for them to apply for a Visa Vietnam or not by clicking the Vietnam visa requirements link. In this page, all the countries are listed with the order of alphabet, you may easily find and click on your country so as to see the information and guide on whether citizens from your country need a visa Vietnam or not, and details of instructions of how to get Visa for Vietnam from your country most quickly and easily.

Then, if you might need a visa to Vietnam, and would like to apply for Vietnam visa online, you may contact us, or more quickly, you click on this link Apply Vietnam visa to make Vietnam visa application.

Vietnam visa requirements for Vietnamese overseas

Vietnam visa is exempted for all Vietnamese overseas, but as mentioned, they need to get the proof that they are Vietnamese. To read details of this Governmental rule, click here .

The proof or official documents that shows they are Vietnamese include: birth certificate, Vietnamese passport (if any), family registration (“hôÌ£ khẩu” in Vietnamese) (if any), or identification card (if any), etc. If you may have any of those documents or similar ones that may prove you are Vietnamese, you kindly bring to the Vietnamese Embassy in your country to ask for the visa Vietnam exemption. Then you are free to enter Vietnam.

Hopefully those information is clear and useful for you. If you may need a quick visa for Vietnam, kindly click the below button to get your visa Vietnam now:

Or if you have any further queries about Vietnam visa requirementsVietnam visa in general, or Vietnam vacations, kindly email us at or call our 24/7 hotline +84.903.278.853  for free information and guide.


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