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Given the current crisis our world is facing, the Vietnamese Government is implementing safety procedures in order to guarantee the security of its citizens and visitors against COVID-19. Thanks to the Government’s swift response to COVID-19, Vietnam was able to open the borders since October 2020 and keep the economy open. Government regulations to contain the virus have kept infection numbers low in Vietnam (less than 2,000 people until January 2021)
Currently, there is a wave of movement of foreigners living abroad to Vietnam to work/travel or avoid the Covid-19 epidemic. The sharing of US man, will help those who intend to go to Vietnam for business or tourist people know what to prepare when returning our country on this occasion.
1) Before travelling to Vietnam
- Do prepare to be confortable psychological: Health check is what you need to do to protect yourself and your family members and fulfill community responsibilities to avoid spread the epidemic. Do not travel if you are sick; those that travel while sick, risk being quarantined, and undergo tests.

- Do prepare money in Vietnam Dong for your trip in Vietnam for advanced booking as Covid visa, hotel isolation, do exchange currency to Vietnam Dong (VND) other expense in Vietnam,… (1USD ~ 23,300 VND)

- Do find the direct flight to Vietnam or transit flight for Vietnam + The government on September 15 issued Notice No 330/TB-VPCP allowing Vietnamese carriers to resume international air routes with six countries – these are Guangzhou (China), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Vientiane (Laos). 

- Do prepare the Required documents for quarantine in HCM/Hanoi:
1. Approval letter from City’s People Committee 
2. Approval letter from Immigration Dept. (including visa if applicable)  
3.  Letter from the Health Department or Quarantine Center (stating quarantine location, with details of arrival date, on which airline and the flight number)
3. Booking confirmation from hotels that were appointed as quarantined facilities      
4. Transportation booking with specific date and transportation arrangement (driver, car plate number...). 
5. Test Covid19 - Negative Real Time PCR test  taken within 96hours before departure of first flight. 
6. Scan passport
 All documents 1-4 and 6 need to submit 01 week before departure date.

-Do prepare the negative RT-PCR test three days before departure and test again on arrival in Vietnam. Commercial flights, however, are yet to resume pending further instructions from government authorities

- Do prepare your luggage neatly with the essential items, personal belongings, clothes… ... for convenience when traveling.  During these days, a lot of people from abroad enter Vietnam, so the waiting time at the airport can be long, you can prepare more drinks and snacks in your checked baggage, Use while waiting for check-in at the airport and to the quarantine

- Must have items:  Bring a mask to wear in public places and on public transport.
Carry a hand sanitizer with at least {[# 0]}% alcohol. Keep these items in places you can easily access them.
Bring enough medicine for your entire trip.
Packaging food and drink in the event the restaurant and store are closed, or there is no drive-to-take, take-out, and outdoor dining options.

2) Quarantine in Vietnam
- Do prepare a few more books, or pre-load stories, music, film… to your computer, mobile phone ... for entertainment.  When you go to the quarantine area, you can ask a relative to send you a SIM card and appliances for use
- Do wear masks regularly, should keep a distance of 2m from people around, limit gathering to avoid the risk of infection
- Do bring at least 1 bottle of hand sanitizer solution, Wash your hands often, or use hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol)
- Do ask for  Vietnam visa extension in 3 months or Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in 2 years If you want to stay in Vietnam longer  


​1) Before traveling to Vietnam
-Don’t book flight for Vietnam before getting visa approval letter as the processing time may be delayed due to other issues
- Don’t bring pet with you to Vietnam during Covid Time

2) Quarantine in Vietnam
- Don’t meet or interact with your colleages/friends during the isolation period to ensure safety
- Don’t go out of your room for exercise  

Is this complicate procedure for you for finding flight to Vietnam, booking hotel quarantine or prepare required documents? Don’t  worry, we are here to help you. The goods new is that we have successfully returned people to Vietnam over the past few months since the end of 2020. Get in touch so we can do the same for you.
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