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For foreigners who enter and temporarily stay in Vietnam: if your passport is expired, lost, or torn, you can apply for passport renewal and passport extension in Vietnam. When dealing problems on your passports, foreigners should make a call to the embassy, consulate or diplomatic office representing your country's citizens to be directed to the application for passport renewal and passport extension. Please note most diplomatic missions of foreign countries (including abroad consulate or embassy) are addressed in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, so foreigners should search in advance to facilitate communication.

Most of embassies or consulates of foreign countries where foreigners are citizens will conduct passport extension or renewal with simple and quick procedures. When foreigners are issued new passport, their foreign embassy or consulate will attach 01 diplomatic note sent to Vietnam Department of Immigration for visa assistance so that foreigners can continue to temporarily stay in Vietnam or exit Vietnam.

It is reason why after being issued a new passport, foreigners need quickly apply for Vietnam visa issued by Vietnam Department of Immigration. Foreigners can do procedures in person or ask their relatives or company that they are working for to do procedures of Vietnam visa.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for advice.
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