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Children are foreign passport holders whose father or mother is Vietnamese are issued visa, visa extension for a period of 1 month, 3 month visa or long-term visa as regulations.

I. Documents for Vietnam visa of children include:

1. Children’s original passport

2. Birth certificate or certificate of family (Asked for legalized and notarized translation).

 3. Declaration visa form N5 (Requires certified by police in the commune, ward or town where the child is staying);

 II. Where to apply Vietnam visa for children of foreign nationality whose father or mother is Vietnamese

1. In case, children enter Vietnam under situation of visa exemption, they are required to apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam Department of Immigration.

2. In case, children enter Vietnam with Vietnam visa that was issued by Embassy/ consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries or at arrival airport, they shall apply for a visa at the immigration office of the city police headquarter where the child is staying or at the Immigration Bureau.

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