Time at Vietnam (UTC+07:00) 03:46:13 AM, Thursday, 07 December 2023
In the afternoon of July 24, the director of Da Nang healthcare department has just confirmed a new Covid-19 case in the city. The patient is hospitalized in Da Nang hospital.

The patient is a 57 year old male residing at Hoa Khanh Bac ward, Lien Chieu Dist. He found the symptoms of the disease on July 20 and went for a medical check at Da Nang C hospital. The Covid test conducted later showed that he was positive with the virus (on July 23). Right in the night of July 23, the hospital sent the disease sample to Nha Trang Pasteur institution for extra test. In the morning of July 24, the institution confirmed he was positive.
Immediately after identifying suspected patients, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of the city met and directed the sub-committees, departments, branches and localities to rush to deploy the measures for prevention and control of Covid- 19.
According to Dr. Ton That Thanh, Director of CDC Da Nang, as soon as a suspected case was detected from the evening of July 23, CDC Da Nang had verified and investigated epidemiological factors of the patient. Initially identified 103 people in close contact with the patient.
The first test on those 103 people showed the negative result, they are now put in quarantine for 14 days. Other tests would be followed during the quarantine and further actions for verify those who were in directly contact with those people will be taken.

Further details on the routes of the patient:

The patient lives with his wife and daughter at the mentioned address and did not travel out of Da Nang during the last 1 month.
-On July 07, he visited his mother at the Healthcare center of Ngu Hanh Son dist. On July 10, his mother was transferred to Da Nang hospital.
-On July 16, he visited 5th floor Cardiovascular Intervention Department - Cardiovascular Center (Da Nang Hospital) to take care of his mother.
-Only July 17, he returned home and had symptoms of fever and tireness. At the evening of same day, he visited his relative’s house for a party.
-At noon of July 18 he attended a wedding at For You palace center (Street 2/9, Hoa Cuong Bac ward, Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang