Time at Vietnam (UTC+07:00) 06:06:41 PM, Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Foreigners are temporarily residing in Vietnam in one of the following cases are considered resolved for permanent residence card: “be wife, husband, child, father, mother of Vietnamese citizens permanently residing in Vietnam” (Point c, Clause 1, Article 13 of the Ordinance on entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, dated April 28, 2000).


1. Application for permanent residence to foreigners (sample N9A);

2. 04 recent photographs of 3x4 cm, white background, directly facing, bare head, no colored glasses;

3. Judicial records certified by the competent authorities of the countries where foreigners they permanently reside;

4. Diplomatic note of the competent authorities of the country where appliers are citizens and propose resolution for permanent residence in Vietnam. (Attached orders of Vietnam diplomatic agencies);

5. Guarantee paper issued to foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam (Form N10) certified by the People's Committees of communes, wards, together with a copy of ID card, household registration book of the petitioner), depending on specific case of the petitioner and the guaranteed to produce papers to prove legal houses or legal financial sources to ensure having house and life for the guaranteed.

6 A copy of the proof as wife, husband, child, father, and mother of Vietnamese citizen permanently residing in Vietnam;

7. A copy of passport, visa or temporary resident card with validity at the applying time. (present original ones for checking and comparing)

8. Papers and other relevant documents (if any);

The documents listed in the record (excluding guarantee paper and passport) must be translated into Vietnamese and notarized or legalized under law regulations.


Within 4 months from the date of receiving valid application, the agency of entry and exit will review and make a decision. In case of needing necessary additional investigation and verification, the time may be extended by no more than 02 months. Immigration Management Office will issue permanent resident card within 05 days after receiving notice of the approval of Department of Immigration Management- Ministry of Public Security.


Periodically, every three years, resident card holders must bring their cards to the entry and exit Management Office of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government, when presenting permanent resident card and submit photos to change new card. If not present permanent resident card according to regulations, the permanent resident card can be revoked. In case of card holders wish to change the contents of the permanent resident card, they have to do procedures as applying for renewing permanent residence card, the profile includes:

1. Declaration of renewing permanent resident cards for foreigners (sample N9C) certified by the local police of permanent residence;

2. 2 3x4 photos with white background, directly facing, bare head, no colored glasses;

3. Original permanent residence card.

4. A copy of passport (present original passport for checking and comparing)

Time for changing and renewing the permanent residence card: 15 working days from applying legal profile.

Note: in case of renewing due to be lost, procedures as renewing permanent residence card and present a paper of lost reason. The time of renewing is about 15 working days.