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1. About health insurance for foreigners

Vietnam is currently welcoming a lot of foreigners. They come to Vietnam for many different purposes such as tourism, work, study ... In which, the number of foreigners coming to Vietnam for tourism accounts for the majority. When coming to Vietnam, foreigners pay special attention to safety issues during their stay in Vietnam. Health risks, needing to use medical services in Vietnam can cost a lot of money. To prevent financial loss due to health risks such as illness or accident. Foreigners can find voluntary health insurance during their stay in Vietnam. With a reasonable cost of insurance, they no longer have to worry about financial problems when having health risks, the entire cost of treatment at the hospital will be fully covered by insurance.


 We choose Bao Viet Insurance - the oldest insurance company and holds the No. 1 market share in Vietnam. In addition to medical and health insurance products for Vietnamese people. Bao Viet also has insurance products specifically for foreigners, working or traveling in Vietnam. Well-researched insurance products are suitable for foreigners, especially visitors from developed countries, requiring a wide range of benefits and high payout limits.

2. Insurance for foreigners traveling to Vietnam by Bao Viet

2.1. Advantages of Baoviet

  • As the leading and reputable insurance company No. 1 in Vietnam
  • A team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and nationwide professionals
  • Fluent communication in English
  • The procedure to join insurance is very simple and fast, just by phone
  • Guarantee medical expenses at top hospitals, across the country
  • After-sales service and support service and throughout the insurance period

2.2. Suitable target audience

– Foreigners who come to Vietnam to visit scenic spots, visit friends and family, attend international events, meetings, seminars, and work.

– Foreigners who are living or temporarily residing in Vietnam, wishing to travel within the territory of Vietnam

In any case, Baoviet does not accept insurance for people over 75 years old and does not pay compensation for risks arising from people over 75 years old, unless otherwise agreed except before participating and is Baoviet approves in writing, which may show the consent clause on the contract or insurance certificate.

2.3. Covered risk coverage

Baoviet Insurance compensates for risks for foreigners within the territory of Vietnam. No compensation for risks arising from before foreigners come to Vietnam or arising when foreigners have left the territory of Vietnam. Covered risks include the following types of risks:

a. Medical expenses for inpatient and outpatient treatment due to illness and accidents.

Baoviet pays for treatment expenses arising from the risks of illness or accident occurring to Foreigners in Vietnam within the scope of insurance and during the effective period of the Insurance. The payment amount does not exceed the program limit that the foreigner participates in. Costs incurred include:

– Outpatient treatment: Expenses for examination, necessary tests, scans, ultrasounds prescribed by the doctor, medical expenses according to the doctor's prescription

- Medical equipment necessary for treatment, equipment to assist walking in the event of a broken leg, prescribed by a doctor

– Light therapy and radiation therapy are prescribed by the doctor

– Dental treatment, acute toothache relief

– Expenses for inpatient treatment at the nearest local hospital to facilitate treatment. Hospitals need to have adequate facilities to support the diagnosis and treatment of patients

– Surgery and related expenses, necessary for surgery

b. Emergency medical transportation within the territory of Vietnam

The relief company appointed by Bao Viet will provide medical transportation to bring the Insured Person to the nearest medical facility with all necessary conditions to ensure the treatment of illness or accident. . The coverage limit will not exceed the coverage limit stated in the policy or insurance certificate

c. Medical repatriation and emergency medical transportation outside Vietnam

Baoviet will pay the cost of repatriation to the home country of the insured. In case medical facilities in Vietnam cannot meet the treatment needs of foreigners and are forced to send them abroad for further treatment, Baoviet will arrange a relief company to provide transportation services. Emergency medical transfer to the nearest foreign country to meet the treatment requirements. The coverage limit will not exceed the coverage limit under the participating plan

d. Repatriation of corpses and burial

In the event the Insured Person dies due to illness or accident in Vietnam. At the request of the Insured's family, Baoviet will appoint a Relief Company to pay the expenses incurred to bring the Insured's body back to his/her hometown or pay the funeral expenses in Vietnam.

2.4. Insurance benefits for foreigners traveling to Vietnam


1. Medical expenses - 21,000 USD

Cover all medical expenses as a result of sickness, disease or accident covered by the Covered Person occurring to the Insured Person, including all medical expenses for treatment (including inpatient and outpatient treatment) such as: medical examination fees, doctor's prescription drugs, room and bed fees, surgery and necessary medical assistance, radiation therapy, therapy Light and other similar treatments prescribed by a doctor, treat the tooth, but only for the relief of acute toothache.

The applicable deductible deductible is 0.1% Medical Expenses Liability Limit for each outpatient claim.
Expanding coverage for Covid-19 disease in medical expense insurance benefits. - 4,000 USD


2. Emergency medical transportation within the territory of Vietnam

Arrange and pay all expenses for emergency medical transportation by any means necessary and provide medical care during transportation to bring the Insured Person to the nearest hospital with appropriate treatment facilities. within the territory of Vietnam.


3.  Repatriation and emergency medical transportation outside of Vietnam

Arrange and pay all medical expenses to bring the Insured Person home or to a third country for further treatment if the Vietnamese hospital does not have enough emergency medical facilities and treatment for the Insured Person.


4.  Repatriation of corpses and burial

Arrange and pay the costs incurred for transporting the body back to the Insured's Hometown, or arrange and pay the expenses of burial in Vietnam at the request of the Insured's family and approved by Bao Viet.



Amendment 1: Accidental death or disability

Pay 100% of the Sum Assured to the insured person or person nominated by the Insured or heirs under the laws of the Insured's home country in the event of death or disability of the Insured. totally permanent by accident
Amendment 2: Tourism outside of Vietnam

This Amendment shall extend in case the Insured Person is traveling within Asian countries provided that the Insured Person has passed through Vietnam during the same journey.

The maximum duration for each trip outside of Vietnam is 30 days.

Amendment 3: Tourism support services

1. Support Service 

Provide addresses, phone numbers and working hours of the nearest consulates, embassies, translation agencies, and law offices within the territory of Vietnam.


2. Luggage and personal belongings 

Loss, damage or damage to personal baggage brought by the Insured Person during the Travel can be reasonably attributed to: fire, explosion, collision, sinking, toppling, falling or Loss of baggage during the journey


3. Loss of travel documents

Expenses for re-issuance of passports, visas, air tickets, travel and accommodation expenses incurred due to travel documents being stolen, stolen, robbed and lost unexpectedly .


4. The cost of cutting or canceling the trip

Compensation for deposit, travel expenses due to the death, illness or serious injury of the Insured, family members, business partners or companions...


5. Additional costs

Supplementing travel and accommodation expenses for the Insured Person and family members or Accompanying Person due to the Insured Person being treated for illness within 10 consecutive days.


6 . Children repatriation

Reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses for children (under 14 years old) who do not have a caregiver to bring them back to the host country.


7 . Expenses for visiting relatives 

Return ticket for 01 relative to visit the Insured Person if the Insured Person is hospitalized for more than 10 days or dies overseas.


8 . Delayed trip

Up to $125 for 12 consecutive hours of delay, or up to $500 if public transit costs are incurred as a result of flight delays due to bad weather conditions, attack, hijacking of vehicles, mechanical or technical failure of aircraft or means of transport.



Conditions to apply the benefit of Extended coverage for Covid-19 disease in the medical expense insurance benefit:

Insured object :

+ Customers aged 18 to under 60 years old ,

+ Complete 2 vaccinations, have a valid certificate of vaccination (GCN) recognized by a competent authority in Vietnam, the last dose must be administered within at least 14 days and not more than 12 months from the date of vaccination. tour departing/arriving to Vietnam.

+ Or have a certificate of recovery from Covid 19 disease or equivalent documents certifying that they have recovered from Covid 19 disease within 6 months, issued by a competent authority in the treatment country and recognized by Vietnam (Time from the date of export to Vietnam). Hospital up to the time of tour departure / arrival in Vietnam no more than 6 months).

+ PCR test / rapid test with confirmation that the medical facility is negative for Covid within 72 hours before departure.

+ Positive test result concluding SarsCov2 infection is done and confirmed by legal health facility.

Disclaimer – refuse to pay in case

+ If the process of epidemiological investigation: there is a case that the insured person (insured) does not comply with the recommendations of the State agency on 5K - medical masks during the tour.

+ Symptoms of covid arise within 05 days from the date the Insured Person ends the tour/trip.

+ Not applicable for travel outside Vietnam


2.6. Insurance exclusions

Baoviet is not responsible for compensation for:

  1. Willful act of the insured or legal heirs.
  2. The risks occur outside the territory of Vietnam.
  3. Pre-existing conditions, diseases or birth defects and the following diseases whether occurring before or during the period of insurance: hemorrhoids, hernias, tonsils leading to surgery, malformation of the nasal septum or nasal convolution, hyperthyroidism, cataracts, sinus disease requiring surgery, endometriosis, tuberculosis, anal fistula, cholecystitis, stones of any kind, bladder or urethral malformation or disease, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, stomach or duodenal tumor, varicocele, all common or malignant tumors, cancer, blood or bone marrow disorders, diabetes
  4. Expenses that exceed reasonable and usual expenses. Reasonable and customary expenses are herein referred to as medical expenses that do not exceed the general amount necessary for the treatment and provision of medical services in the same area for a person of the same sex. age, and the same degree of illness or injury.
  5. The costs of purchasing organs for organ transplants, costs incurred by the organ donor, the cost of purchasing body prostheses.
  6. Any expenses related to the treatment of illness by rest or convalescence in mineral springs, sanatoriums, sanatoriums or similar facilities.
  7. Expenses not listed for compensation in Section VI of this Policy.
  8. Any expenses or treatment related to childbirth, maternity (except in the case of an abnormal pregnancy or serious complications during pregnancy that are potentially life-threatening to the mother and/or fetus) .
  9. Treatment of new symptoms during pregnancy and its complications, including the treatment of chronic disease progression as a result of pregnancy.
  10. Any expenses related to accident or injury incurred when the Insured Person engages in climbing, climbing cliffs using guide equipment or ropes, skiing, skydiving, windsurfing, diving in the deep sea with the use of hard hats and attached oxygen tanks, participating in races and all professional sports.
  11. Expenses for emergency medical transportation, repatriation or other expenses that are not approved in advance in writing by the Relief Company and/or are not arranged by the Relief Company designated by Bao Viet. This exclusion will not apply to emergency transportation from remote areas where the Relief Company cannot be contacted in advance and delay may result in loss of life to the Insured. network or seriously affect health status.
  12. Expenses incurred as a result of mental illness or mental disorder.
  13. Drug use, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS or any AIDS-related condition or disease.
  14. The treatment is prescribed by an unregistered physician.
  15. Expenses incurred as a result of participation in wars, civil wars or illegal activities leading to imprisonment or while serving in the military or police force.
  16. Terrorism, natural disasters such as tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes...

2.7. Insurance claim procedure

When making a claim, the Insured or the Insured's representative must provide a claim file to Baoviet, including:

  • Insurance contract: Insurance application form, Certificate of insurance, insurance purchase invoice or documents related to Insurance Rules.
  • Original invoices and documents. Invoices and vouchers must have the name of the doctor, the name of the person being treated, the type of disease, the details of the treatment items and the date of treatment, the prescription must clearly state the name of the drug, the price and the invoice must have the pharmacy's seal. . In the case of dental treatment, the receipt must detail the tooth to be treated and how it was treated.
  • When claiming compensation for the case of moving the body to the homeland or having it buried in Vietnam, the death certificate must be submitted according to regulations and the doctor's conclusion about the cause of death. When claiming compensation in case of repatriation, the documents required by Baoviet must be submitted on a case-by-case basis. Medical statements of relatives or spouses of the insured will not be accepted.

Baoviet is responsible for reviewing, settling and paying indemnities to the insured or the legal heirs of the insured within 15 days from the date of receipt of a complete and valid claim file. rate. Compensation will be paid in Vietnamese Dong (VND) or foreign currencies (USD or EURO).