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1. Latest Vietnam entry regulations:

Currently, it has become much easier to enter Vietnam than it was during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Foreigners are allowed to enter Vietnam for any purpose. This means they can enter the country to travel, work, visit relatives, study abroad, etc. or for any purpose, as long as it is lawful.

Foreigners can enter the country in many different ways. Some popular entry ways are:

– Entry by approval letter
– Entry by electronic visa (Evisa)
– 15 days, 30 days visa-free entry
– 5 years visa-free entry
– Entry under temporary residence card
– Entry of APEC card

Foreigners entering the country will choose one of the above-mentioned forms to suit the purpose of their trip and their conditions.
Entry procedures to Vietnam are open to all foreigners, regardless of nationality. All have the right to enter Vietnam for some purpose with the appropriate entry form.

However, it should also be noted that, for many cultural and political reasons, the immigration process for each nationality will be different.
2. What documents do foreigners need to enter Vietnam?

Basically, when entering Vietnam, foreigners are required to have:

– Original passport (valid for more than 6 months)
– Documents proving that you are allowed to enter the country (Arrival letter, temporary residence card, visa, visa exemption…)

For each different purpose, each different entry form, there will be a different number of documents. For example, when entering to visit relatives, you must prove the relative relationship by birth certificate or marriage certificate...
3. Entry procedures by Visa Free:

Foreigners who are eligible for visa exemption or visa exemption (Southeast Asian countries, Korea, Japan, UK, Russia, etc.) will be able to enter Vietnam without a visa.
They also only need to prepare a valid passport to be able to enter the country.


– Foreigners do not need to pay fees at the border gate when entering this way.
– Passport validity should not be less than 6 months.
4. Procedures for entry by electronic visa (Evisa):

E-visa is a trend of Vietnam and around the world. This is the most modern type of visa today with the biggest advantages: Simple procedures, quick processing. This is a multi-purpose visa, foreigners can enter all purposes with an e-visa.

The condition to enter with an e-visa is to be in the list of 80 countries allowed by the Immigration Department. E-visa is suitable for tourist or business entry cases.

To be allowed to enter this form, foreigners need to prepare:

1. Passport
2. Evisa has been issued.
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